About MROConnection®


When an organization addresses corporate governance and operational excellence, it requires the inclusion of a leading practice in indirect materials or MRO – Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. Organizations also realize that production reliability and risk reduction are dependent on part availability. Also, by its nature, MRO is multi-disciplinary and organizations find that they have a shortage in either experience or knowledge. This is where MROConnection® comes in, and is what we are about.

We help asset intensive organizations analyze their MRO supply chain operations and enact decisions that will improve visibility into their MRO, improve reliability, and create a competitive advantage to drive profits, embodying our adage of Visibility, Reliability, and Profitability.

As a global provider of turnkey solutions, for organization who wish to transform their MRO supply chain operations, we deliver forward thinking technology and methodologies to build on industry best practices, and help companies who are asset intensive reach achievable results that are measurable on the bottom line.

So, who are we?

MROConnection® is an alliance of premier MRO solutions providers. Legally we are MROConnection LLC and are registered out of Glenview, Kentucky, USA. Our partner companies include Xtivity out of London, Ontario, Canada, Net Results Group out of Glenview, Kentucky, USA, and Performance Consulting Associates out of Duluth, Georgia, USA.

This alliance is what makes us unique in the market place, as it allows for any client of MROConnection® to have a single source in which they have access to not only a breadth of MRO solutions, but also the depth of experience and expertise in the various areas of Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Looking at the competitors in market place, we rise as the premium solution as we deliver the strategic and tactical pieces for the complete life cycle management and sustainability of your MRO. With other traditional solution providers you are going to find insight but not the boots on the ground to deliver. We emphasize complete life cycle management as we are the only solution group to offer a full circle of services to clients.

As a single-source turnkey solution, we can effectively consolidate processes to get you the results you need as soon as possible. Contact us today to request a demo, or call toll-free at 1-855-456-1003 to speak to an MROConnection® professional and start transforming your MRO Lifecycle Management®.

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