Bill of Materials

Connecting Data to Assets

The manufacturer’s Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to produce an end product, however, most companies are deficient in suitable documentation. Reliability risk is increased and maintenance efficiency decreased. MROConnection®’s MRO3i tablet based technology and processes work in concert with other inventory and storeroom management technologies to ensure that MRO items held or purchased, properly match the configuration and demand requirements of the production equipment.

MRO3i’s technology provides the quick and accurate way to help enterprises answer two critical questions: “where is this part used” (what assets is it linked to); and “what parts does my equipment use” (BOM). MRO3i utilizes its RAMBOM™ methodology, where RAM is an acronym for reliability, availability and maintainability. It’s not only crucial to know your bill of materials, but when your enterprise can also have insight on the criticality of those parts in that same association (risk analysis, supply profiles and provisioning analytics), purchasing and maintenance decisions become exponentially more effective.

MRO3i can:

  • Quickly identify available stock enterprise-wide. Why purchase those MRO parts when there is
    excess inventory that can be transferred from one location to another?
  • Avoid expensive spot-buys. In an emergency, just because you can not find a part on a shelf
    does not mean it doesn’t exist somewhere else in the plant or nearby facility. Searching the
    MRO3i tablet provides immediate location and quantity information of a part.