Inventory Optimization

Improve fill rates and cash flow, save time

Inventory Optimization improves productivity, reduces maintenance inventory value and provides accurate lead-time information through proven optimization service solutions. This unique service, delivered by dedicated analysts, identifies, quantifies, reports, optimizes and audits inventory operations activity – offering a level of visibility into MRO data that has not existed before. Optimization is often shortest avenue to a hard cost ROI.

MROConnection®’s xIO Pulse is a SaaS solution that allows you to:

  • See what parts you are about to stock-out on
  • See the 4% of parts that make up 80% of your yearly spend
  • See the 50% of inventory value that hasn’t moved in 3 years
  • See what items stocked out and why it happened
  • See a reduction of moving inventory value of 15% in year 1

…in just a few clicks of your mouse.

See how the xIO Inventory Optimization can rock your world!