Recover and Dispose

Maximize Your Investment Recovery Efforts

Data shows that non-moving MRO inventories grow at an annual rate of 6.7%, and greater than 30% of all SKU’s purchased on an annual basis will never be used. MROConnection® will identify obsolete items, items no longer associated to productive assets, excess moving inventory and items not consistent with a company’s current standards in order to allow you to recover and dispose as needed. MROConnection® will analyze market conditions, recent pricing and transactional data to offer insight into disposition strategies. These strategies are often driven by corporate governance best practice and managed at the CFO level.

MRO AIRFlow™ optimizes MRO asset investment recovery service by as much as 43% of what was paid for an item. MRO AIRFlow operates in conjunction with MRO3i as a real-time web based solution to: identify excess and unneeded MRO stock; assess risk and liability of MRO stock; facilitates investment recovery strategies; determines market viability of MRO parts identified for dispositioning; describes and prepares materials for resale activities by populating information directly into an on-line marketplace; and manages one-touch reverse logistics. MROConnection®’s experience also focuses on minimizing all the hidden costs associated with dispositioning services that quickly erode investment recovery margins.