MRO beast

Taming the MRO Beast: The link between MRO and … Greek Mythology?

I know, I know – this seems like a stretch – but bear with me.

In the Greek mythology, the hero and demigod Heracles was assigned twelve labors by King Eurystheus, the second of which was to defeat the Lernaean Hydra. The Hydra is – was! – a mythological serpent-like water monster which possessed many heads, who had the capacity to regenerate two more when one was cut off.

Heracles entered the swamp near Lake Lerna, where the Hydra had made its lair and upon finding the beast first fired flaming arrows. With no results, he resorted to his famed club to behead the beast as many times as he could but realized that as the poets mentioned: “Cut off one head, Two more shall take its place.” This part of the story is always referred to as ‘an expression of hopelessness of such a struggle for any but the hero.’ You may still fail to see where I am going with this – but again, bear with me!

When Heracles realized that he could not defeat the Hydra alone, he called on his nephew Lolaus to help him. His nephew had the idea to use a torch to quickly cauterize each decapitation making it impossible for the Hydra to regrow. The Hydra was then defeated by both Heracles and Lolaus, the first cutting the heads, the second scorching the stumps after each decapitation.

This classic story is often misinterpreted as a tale of a hero defeating yet another monster to prove how tough Man can be. In fact, it is more about a powerful character like Heracles who had already accomplished so many tasks deemed impossible realizing that he needed help in the form of not sheer strength but partnership and ingenuity.

This is where the link is made between this mythological tale and MRO handling. Your inventory, warehouse(s), and spare part management system is a Hydra where every tackled problem is going to create a few more: Replenishment for individual part is looked after but how do we handle kits? I have the right ordering values, but how do I know really what is in my inventory? I know I have $X millions of spare parts in my warehouse but what am I really using, what is obsolete?

MROConnection can help you tackle your Hydra with the help of our team of consultants who can ‘cut off and cauterize’ such problems as:
– Finding the right ordering values,
– Cataloguing your inventory,
– Minimizing downtime,
– Organizing storerooms,
– Analyzing your MRO lifecycle,
– Providing MRO Training,
– Pointing out MRO leading practices,
– Helping with your warehouse management
– And many more …

By creating innovative solutions and employing experts in their own fields, MROConnection is able to tackle any point of struggle you might have within your MRO lifecycle.
Often, we do not know how hard the trail is until we start walking it. Trust our guidance and request our partnership as we have dealt with these financial heavy matters many times, across many industries. And as Heracles to Lolaus, reach out to us to start discussing with our experts at or 1-855-456-1003.

Together we can tame the MRO beast.