MRO Optimization – Driving the Supply Chain
Crystal Howe, Xtivity & Aimee Hiskett, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

In order to reduce the consequences of asset failure, repair parts must be available. Ideally MRO professionals strive to have the right part, at the right time, in the right quantity. The availability of parts is simple to understand, especially for WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) for their vehicles must be service-ready to make money. Maintenance and maintenance inventories (MRO) are a necessary function and significant cost to achieve this end. Parts must be available in different locations across a city at any time. Parts have a shelf life and must change as the fleet changes. Please join Xtivity’s Director of Product services Crystal Howe, and WMATA’s Manger of Contract & Parts, Aimee Hiskett as they present the solution to the problems faced by today’s MRO professionals.


Building Reliability Into Your Storeroom With Best Practices
Robert L. Wilson – CMRP, Senior Director of Assessments, MROConnection LLC

The purpose of the MRO storeroom is to reduce the consequences of asset failure. But we live in a world dominated by cash-flow concerns, leaner staffing, and a growing concern over non-productive assets. The storeroom can become a vital link in the reliability chain. The balance between risk and investment lies in a structured approach to provide the right part, at the right time, in the right quantity, and establish the clear and compelling connection between MRO materials management and asset reliability.


Challenging the MRO Summit – The Mountaineer’s Guide to Success
Rich MacInnes, Partner, MROConnection LLC

Join MROConnection® in a guided path to reaching the MRO summit, highlighting essential skills while providing insight on the right gear to pack and tackle the seemingly insurmountable MRO challenges.


Lean MRO Materials: The Right Part at the Right Time in the Right Quantity
Ron Kuehl, MRO Materials Manager, Detroit Diesel
With over 3 million square feet of manufacturing space, Detroit Diesel has experienced their share of challenges while working to achieve a lean MRO inventory. MRO Inventory Manager Ron Kuehl shares how they identified their challenges and opportunities for improvement while working to achieve a lean MRO inventory, and why they are now confident that they will have the Right Part at the Right Time in the Right Quantity by employing an MRO inventory optimization service.
Read more about Detroit Diesel’s MRO challenges and successes in this case study.


MRO Inventory Optimization: It’s Easier than you Think!
Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) inventory consists of spare parts and other indirect materials that support critical production, facilities and fleet equipment. It can tie up 15% of all procurement spend and 75% of purchasing requisitions, yet most organizations use only 5% frequently while the remaining 95% sit in a company’s inventory only to be used a few times per year or never at all.

Keeping stockrooms filled with excessive amounts of MRO inventory comes with a real cost to the business. Money tends to rapidly get tied up inside the stockroom with unnecessary purchases, shelves filled with infrequently used parts, and dead inventory that never gets used although the carrying costs live on.

Most companies are surprised to learn that they already have the information required to dramatically improve MRO inventory management performance. Join our webinar as our speakers share how industry peers are able to free cash flow, decrease inventory investment, and decrease operating costs, without jeopardizing production capacity.


MRO Inventory – The Expert’s Monument to Failure
Rich MacInnes, Director, MROConnection LLC
Lean experts teach us to “See” the hidden factory and all its “Waste”, so why can’t we see the mountains of MRO materials? Rich MacInnes, Director of Professional Services at Net Results Group explains why reliability engineering efforts to predict failure and develop risk management plans have failed to stop excess investments in MRO stock.


The MRO Connection to Reliability
The MRO Connection to Reliability is clear – spare parts at the ready to ensure equipment availability the first time, every time. Learn five key insights unique to MRO materials-guaranteed to advance every reliability program while improving investment in maintenance labor and materials. Gain these insights from recognized experts of MROConnection®, which delivers proven solutions in the uniquely challenging space known as MRO.


Do I Really Need This in my Storeroom? How Reliability Can Help Identify Critical Parts
Andy Page, Director, GPAllied

In this economic environment, storerooms are under the magnifying glass to identify ways to save. As such, the need to identify what stock is critical to an asset and what stock is expendable is imperative. This is where reliability processes, normally limited to maintenance people and reliability engineers, come into the equation. Certain reliability processes such as Failure Modes Analysis (FMA), FRACAS, and criticality analysis can paint a very clear picture of what parts are likely to be needed and how often.

This webinar will discuss how the reliability world and the stores world come together to create a comprehensive picture of what we can expect from our equipment base and how the right stores strategy can affect it, as well as how these processes can benefit the current demands on MRO inventory.